In-Depth Training $500/year


The In-Depth Training is an interactive training for Hyperbaric Patient Education. You have ability to select the training you want. You can have logins to give to your patients. Your patients can train using the web, tablets and smartphones. In-Depth Hyperbaric Patient Education contains:

  • A link to the Patient Education simulation for marketing. The link can be put on your website to promote your facility. To see how one Hyperbaric Center is using it, Click here and go to the Patient Education section on the main
  • In-depth Patient education available on web, tablets, and smartphones – online or offline.
  • Patients and referring Physicians get logins to access our Simulation course of Understanding Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
  • Customization to add your Chamber images, videos, messages and Logo can be done.
Topics Covered in full version of Patient Education on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.


  1. What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?- Fundamentals in easily animated way
  2. How does it work? Explaining the HBOT process for each indication (14 indications)
  3. Is it Beneficial – Showing the benefits of HBOT
  4. How much time will it take – Discussing the time length for various indications
  5. Where is it performed – Chamber outlook, explanation, making patients accustomed to the chamber
  6. Can I see the Chamber – Your chamber video – from inside out
  7. Will I have any problems inside the chamber – Details about few issues faced and how to tackle them
  8. How do I prepare for it? – Pre and post care in HBOT treatment
  9. How do I get started – HBOT process in details
  10. More FAQs – common concerns and questions that patients have – are also addressed in this section


"Love it! "This is the kind of educational tool needed for hyperbaric, covers the entire process in a systematic fashion that can only improve your skill set"! "

- Tim Mayhugh LPN, CHT, CHWS

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