Virtual Simulations for Medical eLearning and eMarketing:

Virtual simulations provide a true-to-life interactive and immersive learning experience for doctors, nurses, and technicians. Train at your convenience without interfering with hospital operations or bulky mannequins.

Features and Benefits eSimulations is dedicated to providing you with top quality medical media for you pc, tablet, and smartphone. Our virtual simulations will benefit your company and users because they:

  • Are interactive and customizable to your learning requirements.
  • Include multiple scenarios for a comprehensive experience.
  • allow you to train whenever and provide feedback so you can achieve perfection.
  • Lead to a better retention of knowledge.
  • Reduce the cost of training and travel time.
  • Provide a friendly user interface for patient education.
  • Create an exciting experience for eMarketing your product.

Hyperbaric Suite
eMedsimulations offers a comprehensive, simulation based training course for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Take an interactive tour of a multiplace and monoplace facility, give a comprehensive pre-treatment exam, provide treatment for multiple disease states, and diagnose and treat a variety of problem scenarios such as a tension pneumothorax and barotrauma. Our hyperbaric course provides an unparalleled learning experience that your clients can take to the clinical arena.

Wound Care Suite
eMesimulations is currently creating an interactive simulation based training course for physicians, nurses, and technitions in wound care. Learn the latest therapeutic approaches, wound classifications and debridment techniques.

Paramedic Suite
An interactive course designed for paramedics is currently being developed. It will include instructional and exam simulations on chest tube management, intraosseous infusion, needle thoracostomy’s and needle cricothyotomy.


"Love it! "This is the kind of educational tool needed for hyperbaric, covers the entire process in a systematic fashion that can only improve your skill set"! "

- Tim Mayhugh LPN, CHT, CHWS

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