The Advancements of Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy

Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment

The immense benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy have subjugated headlines not just online but also print and visual media in the past 10 years. A great number of people are only just beginning to familiarize them with this breakthrough in medicine only after observing how celebrity sports men and women are able to bounce back on their feet after major injuries much faster than most people anticipated. Nonetheless, what most people are not aware of is that the technology has been in force for 10 years plus. It was initially used by divers in the treatment of air bubbles in the blood a condition referred to as embolism or bends in the medical sector. In fact, the use of high atmospheric pressure in the treatment of ailments is something that has been there for hundreds of years. While it was in its primitive form back then, advancement in information and communication technology has made it possible to create something much simpler yet effective in high atmospheric treatment.

The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chamber therapy has only been as a result of intense research by both doctors and scientists having seen its use by divers and how it was effective in the yester years in managing conditions that would have otherwise been impossible to treat. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber is best described by as the use of decompressed chamber, filled with 100% high atmospheric oxygen. Its main purpose is to saturate tissues and cells with oxygen so as to ensure that there is even distribution throughout the whole body. Other than in the treatment of embolism or bends, hyperbaric oxygen chamber is intensively utilized in the sporting world. Major top flight sports clubs and leagues, such as, NFL – National Football League have incorporated hyperbaric oxygen chamber to ensure that their major players are not sidelined for months and years because of injuries.

The benefits of hyperbaric chamber in medicine has enabled persons who suffer from oxygen deprived ailments, such as, traumatic brain injuries, cerebral palsy, stroke and sclerosis amongst others. In addition, if you constantly suffer from extreme exhaustion, likelihood is that your blood vessels are limiting the proper flow of blood to major organs and the rest of the body which causes you to be tired. However, you can eradicate this condition after a couple of sessions in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber as it functions in creating new blood vessels in locations of the body that suffer from blockade as well as increasing the size of blood vessels thus ensuring proper flow of blood throughout the entire body.

Regrettably, a majority of folks have not come to realize the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Worse is that there are insurance companies that cover this form of treatment but fails to inform their clients. Therefore, it is important to talk to your insurance agent to find out if hyperbaric chamber treatment is included as part of your policy and if not how you can include it as part of your health cover. Other than being used in the treatment of gas bubbles in the blood and exhaustion, hyperbaric has other advantages that are not known to many.


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