Possible And Hyperbaric Therapy Side Effects And Precautionary Measures

In several medical and clinical situations, the hyperbaric therapy is largely in use. This is mainly because of the fact that this is a unique procedure of treatment through which the patient is exposed to huge volumes of oxygen in a condition of lower atmospheric pressure. However, in the recent days, there are reports of significant hyperbaric therapy side effects. In fact, like any other treatment therapy, the risks and complications associated with this therapy are also there. Now the question that often arises in this context is the level of risks and side effects associated with it. Studies are continuously being conducted in order to detect the level of risks, and precautionary measures that can prevent the risks.

Based on the medical condition for which hyperbaric therapy is offered, the side effects vary. Some of the common hyperbaric therapy side effects however include oxygen toxicity where the lungs and the central nervous system is affected the most; barotraumatic lesions, where the middle ear, lung, teeth, nasal sinuses etc are affected; ocular effects like myopia. Growth of cataract; and even anxiety related to confinement. Apart from these side effects, there are many other side effects that can create a significant impact on the health of the patient.

However, if precautions can be taken in advance, the hyperbaric therapy side effects can definitely be avoided. Each and every patient that are offered the hyperbaric therapy should undergo a careful examination as well as proper monitoring to determine whether the condition of the patient is sufficient enough to get the therapy. In such cases, even if, any form of complicacy arises, it can be controlled, without creating any harmful impact on the patient. Moreover, since the chances of serious complications are very rare, this therapy can be given to patients with different medical conditions.


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