Medical Simulation: New Method to Train Doctors

Experts believe that as much as 100, 00 patients per year die in hospitals because of medical errors and mistakes. Medical science is getting more complex everyday and with so many issues and technologies related to the medical science we can only expect medical errors to go up. Here is where Medical Simulation enters as a new method to train medical doctors and professionals.

Medical simulation is new ways to train doctors in which interactive procedures are used further enhance the theoretical training that doctors have achieved at medical schools. Medical simulations can be very helpful o train and educate hospital personnel, nurses, physicians, assistants, and medical product manufacturers. Medical simulation combines real life cases and studies with innovative and interactive procedures, all included in one single training program.

Medical simulation for doctors is the equivalent of flight simulators for pilots. Pilots train on flight simulators and avoid get the real plane crashed. The same is true for medical simulations doctors train on medical simulators and avoid errors on real blood and flesh patients.

Today, a medical simulator uses computer technology to replicate and create a virtual patient. These virtual patient talk to you about symptoms they are experiencing, they even react to the drugs you prescribe to them. The trainee can make adjustments to his or her diagnose based on the answers that is getting from the simulation.

Medical simulations are really enhanced learning platforms where doctors, nurses, and medical professional can get their feet wet and go ahead and train efficiently without the possibility of “killing” a real patient if they make a mistake.

There is growing number medical simulation training facilities all over the United States. Also there are some in Europe but this is mainly an US teaching technology. This movement will probably catch up soon globally. Some medical schools in the US have medical simulation as a regular “course” in their academic programs. I am sure that as technology and the medical science advances more and more school will catch up with this trend in medical education.

Medical simulation is really a “cool” tool to increase medical training for medical personnel. Real clinical studies and intelligent computer technology are combined to provide an exceptionally enhanced education and training platform. The best part of medical simulation is that is safe, relatively inexpensive, it feels very real for the trainee and it is very effective. Medical simulations are changing the way doctors are being trained to reduce medical errors.

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"Love it! "This is the kind of educational tool needed for hyperbaric, covers the entire process in a systematic fashion that can only improve your skill set"! "

- Tim Mayhugh LPN, CHT, CHWS

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