Hyperbaric Treatment Air Embolism

Hyperbaric Treatment Air Embolism

An embolism is a condition that occurs when an object or substance traveling through the bloodstream is trapped in a blood vessel and this substance is known as an embolus. Therefore air embolism refers to an air bubble lodged in your vessel especially in the narrower part of your blood vessels. If it happens in a small artery, blood supply will either be partially or completely blocked from reaching specific parts of the body. The level or degree of seriousness of this condition is dictated by the part of the body to which the artery is supplying. For instance, air embolism in brain causes brain tissues to lack oxygen and therefore die. If urgent air embolus treatment is not sought immediately, this condition can result in permanent brain damage. Sometimes the patient could experience symptoms such as partial paralysis, confusion, seizures and loss of consciousness, which are similar to those of stroke.

Air embolism has been reported as the main cause of death among divers and it occurs when a scuba diver runs out of air or decides to come to the surface too quickly while holding their breath as they come up. It could also arise from surgery or chest injury though very rarely. The only known effective treatment for air embolism is a quick recompression in an air embolism hyperbaric chamber so that air bubbles in blood vessels are reduced significantly. When this is successfully done, normal blood flow and oxygen will be restored to the tissues in body areas that had been affected.

If air bubbles occur in your cerebral arteries, this condition can cause the blood flow to decrease in body parts that are supplied by these vessels. Arterial air embolism during cardiac operations is mainly caused by reversal of vent flow, low oxygenator blood level, and air from the cardiac chambers. Despite attempts at precribing a wide range of treatment measures for this type of air embolism, none has been as effective as air embolism treatment 100% oxygen.

If air embolism takes place inside the coronary arteries, heart attack will be completely inevitable. This is an extremely fatal condition that requires very urgent intervention using air embolism treatment oxygen from the chamber. It should be noted, too, that a huge air embolism in the arteries leading to the brain can cause heart attack. This implies that an air embolism hyperbaric chamber should be within reach of any patient that is diagnosed with this condition in order to save his/her life and restore his/her health. In the event that air embolism occurs in a blood vessel leading to the lungs, it will result in shortness of breath as well as chest pains. This condition is also known as pulmonary embolism.

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