Hyperbaric Therapy Treatment for Enhancing Body Power to Fight Infection

The medical world has taken us to different level of treatment and the recent development is the Hyperbaric Therapy Treatmentthat allows patients to breathe in pure oxygen when they are in a chamber that prevents the oxygen to dissipate in the environment. The chamber is called hyperbaric chamber and is pressurized at 2.5 times more than the normal pressure of the atmosphere. The Hyperbaric treatment with oxygen is used to treat different conditions of the body that are approved by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society. The therapy has to be conducted by the hyperbaric team and they always co-ordinate with the physician that has referred you to their care and therapy.

When a person is in a condition where he or she is at the receiving end of 100% oxygen in an increased condition of pressure, the blood starts to carry more oxygen to the organs and the different tissues of the body of the patient. The effect of antibiotics that are taken by the person and the white blood cells capacity to fight infection can be enhanced and thus the healing process is helped and promoted by the increase of oxygen in the blood. The Hyperbaric Therapy Treatment is therefore a better way to give the body the ability to fight the infection that infests it and also helps the medication that is introduced to the body by the physician.

The Hyperbaric Therapy Treatment has to be given to the patient for 90 minutes each day and for 5 days of each week. The number of treatments that would be needed by the patient will be decided by the progress rate of the individual and as per the UHMS guidelines. While a patient is undergoing this treatment, a nurse or a therapist who is trained in this Hyperbaric Medication will be at the side of the patient receives the Oxygen treatment. The patient often feel a popping sound in the ear and it signifies the fullness of the ear but other than that the patient can notice no other significant change. There should be no change in the physical condition of the patients and most people can tolerate the treatment well.


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