Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Various Illnesses

Most hyperbaric oxygen clinics are open for all patients that require hyperbaric oxygen. In case you have any questions or concerns, they are just a call or text message away. Others have Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy FAQ section to handle frequently asked questions about Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. They can also recommend certain books that you may find useful in the treatment of your condition or ailment. If you visit some of these clinics you may have the privilege of increasing your repertoire of knowledge about hyperbaric oxygen treatments; resource centers have hyperbaric research papers, books and materials that you may find resourceful if you are considering Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. This means that you do not have to continue in depression after you have tried surgery or medical treatment for your ailment or condition without any apparent success.

If you wish to carry out the hyperbaric oxygen chamber procedure at home, hyperbaric oxygen delivery services are also available in some clinics. In case this service is unavailable in any of the hyperbaric oxygen clinics nearby, you could consider approaching certified hyperbaric oxygen companies so that you can administer this treatment away from the clinic. Nevertheless, you need to follow instructions or prescriptions very carefully. It is advisable that you seek the counsel of a professional a hyperbaric oxygen chamber professional since this therapy is not recommended for all patients. Some of these professionals may include: pediatricians, private practitioners, neurologists, surgeons, plastic surgeons, radiologists, gastroenterologists, and other physicians. This is mainly because some patients may develop serious side effects. The other important thing that you need to note is that this therapy can be selective in terms of treating ailments or conditions in some people. There are those patients that may not see any response at all.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not widely accepted because rarely do doctors learn about HBOT in medical school; most of them do not have hyperbaric oxygen facilities. Doctors with no qualification in HBOT cannot recommend it to patients as they only have a faint idea of its effectiveness. They linger in doubt as to whether it actually works or not. In fact some of them have openly discouraged their patients from trying it because they are not so sure whether it is a safe therapeutic procedure. Another reason is that hyperbaric chambers are quite few as compared to existing needs of patients and the benefits that they are likely to derive from hyperbaric oxygen treatments. Moreover, it must be mentioned that hyperbaric oxygen facilities are very expensive to establish and that explains why most hyperbaric oxygen clinics would prefer not to have it. It is easier, cheaper and more convenient for clinics to refer.

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