Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Cure

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Cure

In this era of technological revolution, very complicated diseases and health conditions have emerged though most have no known cure using medical and surgical treatment. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber cure for various diseases and issues is beginning to take preeminence in medical or treatment circles. A patient is simply supposed to enter or insert a sick or injured body part inside hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

The hyperbaric oxygen chamber benefits are numerous. Do I need to mention accelerated healing which results from increased flow of blood to injured tissues and improved blood vessel formation? This increased flow of blood is also responsible for reduced swelling thus making you feel comfortable even if it is in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber at home. Patients that have suffered burns could have the risk of infection significantly reduced because when flow of blood is promoted to the burnt area, production of white blood cells increases and begins to fight any infection present. The hyperbaric oxygen chamber procedureis very simple but has proven to be one of the most effective methods of curing non-healing wounds. Research has also shown that the hyperbaric oxygen is responsible for the preservation of damaged tissues which are very significant in promoting treatment for burns and wounds. Besides, hyperbaric oxygen chamber in the treatment of infection in bones has been employed for several years and it is known to stimulate formation of new bone. This is extremely vital as it accelerates the rate of recovery for orthopedic patients. When hyperbaric oxygen chamber breathing is carried out well, it reduces the effects of toxic substances such as carbon dioxide.

Most people have been made to believe that a hyperbaric chamber is merely a small tube that is incapable of accommodating an adult human patient. It can only be suitable for babies or infants. Some even think that the chamber can only house a patient’s head. It is imperative that such people realize that hyperbaric oxygen chambers are roomy enough to accommodate an adult human being. In fact some are so big that they can accommodate up to 17 patients. They are made in such a way that the patient(s) inside can constantly communicate with a professional staff outside the chamber. So there should be no fear of suffocation.

Oxygen is usually allowed into the pressurized chamber in the course of treatment. During this hyperbaric oxygen chamber process, an increased amount of oxygen is relayed to tissues in the entire body. The presence of adequate oxygen in the body tissues stimulates wound healing, production of red and white blood cells which will in turn promote faster healing.

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