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Continuing Medical Education (CME) is education that helps those in the medical community to maintain competence and learn about new and developing areas of their field. CME education may take place as live events, written publications, online programs, audio, video, or other electronic media. Content for these programs is developed, reviewed, and delivered by faculty who are experts in their individual clinical areas.

Hyperbaric medicine, also known as HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy), is breathing 100% oxygen at a level higher than atmospheric pressure. Operation is performed to a predetermined schedule by trained personnel who monitor the patient and may adjust the schedule as required. The treatment is given in an enclosed chamber which can either be for a single person or for multiple people. Hyperbaric medicine can be used in the treatment of decompression sickness, gas gangrene, carbon monoxide poisoning, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, radiation injury, diabetic wounds, thermal burns and many more.

The training to Hyperbaric Medicine professional to know the uses of Hyperbaric Medicine training, to operate the chambers and to take care of the side effects or complications that can arise from HBOT is covered in Hyperbaric Medicine training. There are couple of good online Hyperbaric Medicine training courses available which can also give you CME credits.

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Online Interactive Hyperbaric training Suite is designed to provide hyperbaric Medicine training ranging from introductory courses for beginners to the latest techniques for experienced Hyperbaric Medicine professional.


"Love it! "This is the kind of educational tool needed for hyperbaric, covers the entire process in a systematic fashion that can only improve your skill set"! "

- Tim Mayhugh LPN, CHT, CHWS

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