Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment – Its Pros and Cons

The Advancements of Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy

Whereas, the benefits of hyperbaric therapy in medicine are just being realized in the present century, unknown to a majority of folks is that the science of high atmospheric pressure in the treatment of various medical conditions has been utilized for hundreds of years. The only difference between then and now is the introduction of hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Hyperbaric therapy also widely known as hyperbaric oxygen therapy was initially used by divers in the treatment of a medical condition universally referred to as “bends” or embolism. This is a condition that is as a result of spending too much time under water thus resulting in air bubbles in the blood stream. If you are to pay a visit to any of the major deep sea diving locations in the world you are unlikely to miss this chamber.

According to www.emedsim.com hyperbaric therapy is the use of oxygen at a high level than the usual atmospheric pressure in the therapy of numerous medical conditions that are attributed due to lack of enough oxygen in the body, such as, traumatic brain injury (TBI), cerebral palsy, stroke and sclerosis amongst others as well as injuries within a decompressed chamber. The www.emedsim.com goes further to describe hyper as enhanced and baric in reference to pressure. On the other hand, hyperbaric oxygen treatment is also known as the sporadic medication of the entire body utilizing 100% oxygen at over the usual atmospheric pressure.

The benefits of hyperbaric chamber treatment only came to be known by a great number of people after observing how fast professional key players are able to bounce back on their feet after suffering major injuries. Unlike before, players are spending less time at the infirmary as the technology enables stem cells to be circulated to injured areas much faster thus inducing the generation of new tissues and cells. Its introduction into the medical field was as a result of intense research by doctors and scientists after seeing its benefits being realized in the treatment of embolism in divers. It is just unfortunate that the benefits of hyperbaric chamber therapy have not been completely realized due to lack of information. It is even worse that insurance firm that includes hyperbaric treatment in their policy fail to inform their clients.

As an individual, you are more likely to benefit from the chamber if you constantly suffer from extreme exhaustion. Acute exhaustion is mainly caused by constricted blood vessels which in turn deny oxygen to major organs and other parts of the body. By being exposed to the chamber your blood vessel sizes are increased and are developed in areas that they did not exist hence tissues and blood cells saturated with oxygen can effectively reach other parts of the body.

Other than the above, there are other benefits of decompression chamber, for example:

First and foremost, hyperbaric oxygen chamber greatly assists in the bouncing of arterial dilation.

Secondly, hyperbaric oxygen chamber ensures even distribution of oxygen in the whole body.

Thirdly, hyperbaric oxygen chamber assists in the development to new tissues and cells thus enabling you to recover from an injury much faster than before.

Most importantly, the hyperbaric oxygen decompression chamber helps in the concentration of oxygen


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