Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment – How it is Advantageous in Medicine

Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment

The immense benefits of hyperbaric chamber treatment in the medical world has only highlighted in the past decade mostly by athletes who get back on their feet much faster than was initially anticipated of after suffering serious injuries. The one thing that a majority of folks do not realize is that the hyperbaric oxygen chamber has been used for years. Initially, its application was mainly restricted in the treatment of gas bubbles in the bloodamongst deep sea divers. Air bubbles in the blood also known as bends or embolism occurs after long periods under water. You are most likely to come across one of these chambers if you happen to visit any deep sea diving locations in the world. Its introduction into the medical world was after a thorough research by both doctors and scientists after having seen its constant use by divers.

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers mainly works by saturating tissues and cells with oxygen so as to ensure even distribution of oxygen in the blood. As a result, damaged tissues and cells are quickly replaced thus ensuring that the healing period is not extended much longer than it should. Bariatric chamber therapy has been mainly used in the treatment of ailments that are mainly attributed to oxygen deprivation, such as, traumatic brain injury (TBI), cerebral palsy, acute exhaustion and sclerosis amongst others. The website www.emedsim.com describes hyperbaric oxygen chambers as the use of high level atmospheric pressure within a decompressed chamber.

In sports, hyperbaric oxygen chamber has been extensively utilized to ensure that key players do not spend too much time in injury. Initially, pro and armature players would be subjected to intense therapy so as to recover from critical injuries. However the benefits of hyperbolic chambers has enabled them to recover as the treatment ensures that stem cells which are responsible for cell rejuvenation are carried much faster around the body to the injured areas thus ensuring that injury periods are not prolonged than they should be.

So as to offer you a detailed insight into the benefits of hyperbaric chambers in medicine, the article has highlighted some of the benefits that one stands to achieve by including hyperbaric oxygen in the course of their therapy:

  • Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are able to increase oxygen concentration in the whole body. It comes useful especially in situations where one suffers from decreased or limited blood flow.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen chambers functions by energizing the production of fresh blood vessels in locations of the body experiencing low blood circulation and increasing blood circulation in areas with arterial blockade.
  • Hyperbaric oxygen chambers provoke a rebound of arterial dilation. As a result, it causes the size of the blood vessels to increase than normal thus increasing the flow of oxygen to organs that were before deprived of air.

The application of increased atmospheric pressure for medical therapy has excited a majority of doctors as well as scientists over the years. In fact, unknown to us is that this technology though in its primitive form has been used for hundreds of years.


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