Category 1

Multiplace hyperbaric chambers capable of supporting the hyperbaric treatment of patients who are critically ill from any cause and who may require Hyperbaric intensive therapy; such facilities offer Advanced life support.

Category 2

Multiplace Hyperbaric chambers capable of receiving elective or emergency referrals for any accepted applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, but excluding patients who are critically ill at time of referral or who are likely to become so; such facilities offer Basic Life Support.

Category 3

Multiplace Hyperbaric chambers specifically intended for the treatment of decompression illness, such facilities offer Basic Life Support.

Category 4

Monoplace hyperbaric chambers capable of receiving elective and emergency referrals in any diagnostic category, but who are unlikely to require emergency access during the hyperbaric treatment; such facilities offer Basic Life Support and would normally be closely associated with a hospital.


The referring medical officer is responsible for ensuring that the receiving facility is appropriate for a particular patient and for the safe transport of the patient to that facility. The receiving medical officer is responsible for advising on the capability of the hyperbaric facility and for all aspects of patient care once the patient has been received.

The Medical Director:

Direction of clinical activities of the facility

Production of assessment and hyperbaric treatment protocols

Appointment or delegation of clinical staff

General medico-legal responsibility for the hyperbaric facility

Safe custody and confidentiality of all the clinical records

The work of other medical staff if unsupported

The supervising Chamber Operator

Overall supervision of pressure system

The safety of the chamber and its occupants

Minor maintenance

Supervision of the work of other chamber operators

Initiation of hyperbaric treatment in an emergency and maintenance of such treatment under the remote direction of a medical officer if necessary.

The Hyperbaric Duty Doctor, who may also be the Medical Director is responsible for:

General medical support

Examination of patients recording of findings

Prescription of hyperbaric treatments

Discharge and onward patient referral


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