Hyperbaric Chamber Benefits for Different Diseases

Hyperbaric Chamber Benefits for Different Diseases

People who suffer from cerebral palsy can enjoy the hyperbaric chamber benefits for cerebral palsy when they are put in a hyperbaric chamber that is rich in pure oxygen. An environment rich in oxygen increases blood flow to damaged tissues of the brain. When blood flow to the brain is improved, it promotes healing and the patient may experience minimal instances of impaired vision, muscle spasms, and difficulty with speech and hearing.

The procedure is simple. The patient is placed in an oxygen-rich hyperbaric chamber. This patient needs to undergo an intense program of 1-hour sessions in a hyperbaric chamber for a specific period of time. However, this varies from one patient to another. Some may take 1-hour sessions per day while others may require 2-hour sessions per day for a given number of days (say six days) per week so that the patient covers a total of 40 sessions. At the end of these sessions, the patient is usually examined by a team of medical professionals to ascertain the patient’s progress. If positive results are reported, the patient will be given a break of a few weeks before being taken through another bout of 40 sessions.

Since hyperbaric therapy has minimal medical risks to cerebral palsy patients, it is recommended that parents of this patient give it a chance. They will be surprised at how much it can help reduce its symptoms. You need not worry about your patient’s safety because he/she is usually in the company of a nurse who ensures that the chamber is in good working condition. In case you are scared, you can bring another person with you into the hyperbaric chamber. The company of another person you trust or love could make you feel safe during therapy.

Diabetics who have had problems with their non-healing wounds may consider HBOT so that they can test the hyperbaric chamber benefits for diabetics. Diabetes is synonymous with inadequate supply of blood to damaged tissues and this makes tissue repair in such wounds difficult. The most commonly known diabetic related wounds are diabetic foot ulcers and non-healing wounds. They can easily be treated with hyperbaric oxygen together with standard wound care.

Encourage stroke patients to experience the dramatic hyperbaric chamber benefits for stroke by simply sitting or sleeping in a pressurized chamber as he/she breathes 100% oxygen through a mask. This process takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour and you can keep yourself busy by reading, listening to music or watching your favorite movie while the chamber facilitates blood flow to your brain. The only reported mild side effect is an increased pressure in your ears when the pressure of the chamber is elevated. For more information, you can Google: simulation based elearning, medical simulations, or emedsim.com or visit www.emedsim.com.


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