Exceptional Therapy for Your Non-Healing Wound

Hyperbaric  Oxygen Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy, commonly known as HBOT involves putting a patient in a sealed chamber containing pure oxygen. This chamber is usually pressurized at about 2.5 times the normal atmospheric pressure. However, this varies from one patient to another and it does not remain constant throughout the process of therapy. Though hyperbaric chamber treatment for healing problems is considered safe and secure and with no side effects, it is important to note that not all patients will meet the same results. This therapy could work successfully well in some patients but not in others.

Hyperbaric chamber treatment for healing of wounds can be a good example. Not all wounds would respond well to normal surgical or medical treatment because the degree and rate of tissue repair varies from one patient to another. This therefore means that various complex wound problems require specialized attention such as: hyperbaric chamber treatment for diabetic leg wounds or chamber treatment for gaseous gangrene.

You might have tried conventional medical and surgical management but you have not been successful. It is high time you considered hyperbaric chamber treatment for non-healing wound so that you can give hyperbaric oxygen therapy a chance. It may be a relevant therapy option that suits your wound. Amputation is the most scaring procedure; it is not only painful but also causes you to brace for serious life adjustment. You might have to live without a limb and this is never good news especially for an individual who has been leading a normal life that involves use of your limbs for mobility.

This is how the whole process works. Once your wound on any part of your body has been inserted in the chamber for hyperbaric chamber treatments, the level of oxygen in the tissues around the body will be raised. This concentration of oxygen signals the body to begin the repair process and this is preliminary to healing of your wound. In addition, this hyperbaric oxygen therapy stimulates growth of new blood vessels thus vascularizing your wound as well as enabling white blood cells to begin to fight possible infections that are preventing your wound from healing. It is possible for you to get such treatment as an out-patient and there are some Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment Centers in case you do not like being admitted.

Take advantage of this facility so that you not only avoid amputation but also accelerate the process of healing your wound. You need to get back to your normal fruitful life. Life with a painful and non-healing wound injures your self-esteem and makes you less productive. Stand up and try this treatment.

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