Dental Issues Solved Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Dental Issues Solved Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Dental infection clavicle is just one of the many dental issues one can have. It is the inflammation of the structures that are attached to the clavicle or the clavicle itself. There are a couple of causes that would lead to this inflammation. Oesteomyelitis, myostisis, cervical rib or skin wounds around the clavicle are the main causes of this inflammation. Other issues include jaw ache. This is the dullness, discomfort and soreness of the jaw. There are also issues that would arise because of other treatments. High aggressive cancer treatment for instance will normally have toxic effects on both normal and cancer cells and this may lead to dental issues. But, the dental procedures in an oxygen environment are capable of eradicating the problems for a better feeling.

When someone is undergoing the jaw radiation procedure or any other treatment option that involves radiation or chemotherapy, usually the gastrointestinal tract which includes the mouth would be damaged. Dental issues may also arise from head and neck cancer treatment. The truth however is that some of the issues can be managed but some would turn into severe complications that may even force the stoppage of the treatment. Even some surgical procedures may end in dental issues. Mucositis is the most common of all dental issues that occur after radiation and chemotherapy procedures.

It is the inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth. Other common issues would be infection, pain and bleeding in the mouth. One may also be dehydrated and malnourished and these occur because once there are dental issues then it is possible that there would be dysphagia which means swallowing problems and someone may opt to completely stop eating. The saliva producing glands can also be damaged as a result of radiation therapy. The muscles and joints around the jaw and neck are also at risk because of radiation. There would also be reduced blood vessels and supply of blood to the bones of maxilla and mandible. There could also be caries or soft tissue complications and even bone death from radiation therapy.

But when dental procedures hyperbaric oxygen are employed way before cancer treatment is initiated, the results would be different. The risks of dental issues and complications will be greatly minimized. This is the only preventive measure that should be taken before the cancer therapy is started. Even so, it is important to note that pre existing dental issues and poor dental care during the therapy would also make the situation worse. Thus it is wise to address these issues before the cancer therapy is started.

General, the quality of life of a cancer patient is reduced when the dental issues are not solved when before cancer treatment is initiated. Even though there is little research that has been done already regarding the level of help dental air embolism treatmentwould bring about, it is just wise to make use of the oxygen therapy first to address pre existing conditions before the initiation of cancer treatment procedures. Bacteria and even fungi can live in the mouth and they would form infection later when the immune system is not working well and the white blood cell counts are low, situations that happen when the cancer therapy is initiated.


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