Chronic Osteomyelitis Cure Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Chronic Osteomyelitis Cure Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Chronic Osteomyelitis is the condition where you have applied adequate surgical and antibiotic therapy treatment to the bacterial bone infection and there is no change. Instead, the problem worsens. True, such a condition can be confusing but it does not mean that all hope is lost. There is a treatment that would probably handle the chronic condition and have you enjoy good function of your bones. Actually, the condition is where your bones do not receive adequate supply of blood and a bacteria known as Staphylococci is always behind the condition. When you have an injury in your body which forms a wound, this bacteria can easily use the wound to penetrate through to your bone. Sometimes though, you can contact the chronic osteomyelitis bone disease just through blood infection.

Even though antibiotics and surgical treatment are recommended for treatment of osteomyelitis, when it is already noted to be chronic, it is wise that the hyperbaric oxygen therapy is introduced. The medics would treat all initial cases as acute and then when they do not notice any change, they would classify the case as acute. In many occasions, the chronic cases are also characterized with bone pain, swelling, and redness at the site of the chronic ankle wound, general malaise, tenderness and fever. There is risk of bone death when proper treatment is not sought for the chronic condition.

It may interest you to know how chronic osteomyelitis and hyperbaric oxygen treatment works. As a matter of fact, this is the only treatment that has been proven to help cure the chronic condition without a doubt. There are three ways through which this treatment would help cure the chronic condition.

First, the treatment will rejuvenate the bone cells. When rejuvenated, they will be able to reabsorb the dead bones and effectively eliminate any debris they find.

Secondly, when the treatment is combined with antibiotics, it supports the action of antibiotics which ensures that the function of white blood cells is enhanced. These cells depend highly on oxygen.

Finally, the treatment will help in the formation of capillaries. These are blood vessels which are very handy in helping your body eliminate the infected bone and create a healthy new one for you.

It is important to include oxygen in your chronic osteomyelities treatment therapy because oxygen is critical for wound healing. Considering that your condition is about a chronic wound, you would rather have what is proven to work. Oxygen increases the wound healing functions in the sense that it promotes formation of collagens which in turn form the fibrous matrix on which the new capillaries will grow.

In conclusion, we need to recap on the main reasons why you actually need to include hyperbaric oxygen in your chronic bone wound treatment. The oxygen has no direct effect on organisms that love high oxygen concentrations. The regimen enhances the clinical management of the chronic condition. It also augments the efficacy of destruction of bacteria through the use of antibiotics. It promotes healing of hypoxic tissues and reduces the inflammation.


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