Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for Different Treatments and Healing Wounds

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves the medical use of oxygen in a hyperbaric chamber at a higher atmospheric pressure than normal. The entire body is treated with 100-percent oxygen at higher than normal atmospheric pressure. The increase in pressure and oxygen to 100 percent results in the dissolution of oxygen into the blood plasma, body cells, tissues and fluid to a concentration that is higher than normal.

A patient that has a chance to get into a hyperbaric chamber will live to tell about the amazing benefits that he/she was able to get from the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy. Your body will be richly supplied with a higher oxygen concentration to all body tissues. Once there is sufficient oxygen in the blood, it will stimulate growth of new blood vessels to body parts experiencing low circulation and consequently improve blood flow to parts of the body with arterial blockage. In addition, HBOT will not only lead to a rebound in arterial dilation that improves blood flow but also stimulate an increase in superoxide dismutase (SOD), a very important antioxidant. An improved blood flow to the brain will help patients with stroke to experience hyperbaric chamber benefits for stroke treatment. This patient will be amazed at how much HBOT can reduce the symptoms of stroke. Blood flow and delivery of oxygen to the brain activates those stunned parts of the brain and restores them to normal function.

For those patients with gangrenous legs and feet caused by blocked circulation, they will significantly get an opportunity to test the hyperbaric chamber benefits for gangrene treatment process. HBOT will accelerate blood and oxygen delivery to vital body parts that are experiencing inadequate blood flow and oxygen supply. This therapy is famous for its ability to fight infection, relieve pain, as well as keep damaged tissues alive.

Slow-healing diabetic ulcers and non-healing wounds will benefit a lot from HBOT. HBOT can also treat diabetes related disorders which will in turn bring hyperbaric chamber benefits for diabetics and restore their life to normalcy. When a patient with a slow-healing diabetic leg puts it in a hyperbaric chamber, blood flow to the area will stimulate production of red blood cells that will accelerate tissue repair while white blood cells will fight infections at the wound area. Even if the wound has stayed for a long time without possibility of healing, you need to rest assured that HBOT will certainly restore the damaged tissues at the wound area. HBOT is designed to help you reconstruct your life especially if your non-healing wound has been deaf to medical or surgical treatment. Even people with crushed self-esteem will be able to begin walking tall after treatment with HBOT. For more information, you can Google: simulation based elearning, medical simulations, or or visit


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