Actinomycosis and Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment

Some people suffer chronic bacterial infection that usually affects their face or neck. This condition is called Actinomycosis and is caused by anaerobic bacteria called Actinomyces israelii. It mainly affects the face because this bacterium is located in the nose and throat though it may also occur in your chest, pelvis, abdomen, etc. However, the good news is that it is not contagious. Its symptoms begin to manifest themselves when the bacteria enters the facial tissue after surgery, infection or trauma. As soon as it penetrates the tissue, it forms an abscess that produces a hard reddish-purple lump on the jaw. This abscess later forms a draining sinus tract.

The following symptoms are very common for a patient that has developed the Actinomycosis disorder:

  • Discharge from the skin.
  • Presence of fever
  • Absence of pain and if it is present, it is usually minimal.
  • Development of swelling which usually presents itself as a hard, red to reddish-purple lump on the face or upper neck
  • Loss of weight is also very common.

Note that Actinomycosis sinus infection is characterized by draining sores in the skin and this is quite common on the chest wall due to lung infection resulting from Actinomyces. If tests are carried out, the culture of the tissue or fluid normally indicates the presence of Actinomyces species and a further analysis of the drained fluid shows that Actinomyces species of bacteria are present.

In order to treat actinomycosis completely, antibiotics are supposed to be administered for a period lasting between several months to a year. It is recommended that the fluid is drained surgically. The lesion may have to be removed through surgical operation as well. In the event that the patient’s disorder is related to the intrauterine device (IUD), this device has to be eliminated. Once you carry out the abovementioned instructions, recovery will just be a stone-throw away.

It is advisable that you seek help as soon as you possibly can before the condition worsens. Early intervention measures will help avert the disorder. Actinomycosis treatment for hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been known to treat actinomycosis when oxygen tension is increased in the infected tissues. Once the level of superoxide increases, it results in the production of hydrogen peroxide and other oxygen derived radicals that are toxic in nature. Since anaerobic organisms, including Actinomyces israelii, are very sensitive to such toxic oxygen radicals. The presence of oxygen tension is usually lethal for them as it raises the concentration of superoxide.

Despite the fact that treatment for actinomycotic infection is possible, the bottom-line is that you need to maintain good oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist to prevent actinomycosis. For more information, you can Google: simulation based elearning, medical simulations, or or visit


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